Here are some answers to questions we often get from our customers:

Can you make custom work with my material?
Yes we can. Let's get in touch and figure out the specifics. It may be subject to extra shipping costs if you cannot do a local pickup and drop-off.
Do you deliver?
We do offer delivery service and shipping options for large quantities. For the local smaller scale deliveries we charge a rate of $1.75/km both ways provided we can send the driver only. This would also include assembly should it ease the delivery to send the piece in components. Should you need us to send an extra set of hands it will be billed on an hourly rate. Larger volumes and distances are treated on a case by case basis and we have local contacts with both shipping and logistics firms to handle every aspect of the job. Conversely, we are also happy to work with your chosen carrier and can provide more detail as to dimensions, estimated weight and loading specifics.
Will my product be as featured?
No. Each piece is made from a real piece of a real tree and is unique to your order.

Get in touch

If you have an idea in mind for a design, I am available for a free consultation on commission pieces or bulk orders.

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